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K-On!! Season 3 Release Date

K-On!! Season 3 Keion! Season 3

K-On!! Season 3 Release Date

Do you love music? I think everyone does listen to music but some prefer a significant genre that reflects to their personality. Music is used everywhere. Usually music does increase conversion of promotional sales. In anime, music is a very important factor especially to those who love to review anime as their daily basis. There are many ways that music is used. For me, as a music lover and a daughter of a musician, music is not just a play of a single tone or sound. Music serves as a memory of my mother to me. It is a part of me, a part of my memory that would never ever be erased.

Just like in the manga story of K-On!! Yui Hirasawa didn’t give up until she learned that she has a talent on playing a guitar. I too never taught that flute would be an easy instrument for me while harmonica is my frustration. The struggles of Yui somehow reminds me my graceful days while I am learning to play my flute with the help of my mom. That story of Yui made me stick and become an avid fan of K-On! story.

The manga story that ran for 5 years ended with only 6 volumes. Though it may look so short, two anime seasons has been adapted using those materials. I also want to believe that there would be a third season of the anime adaptation but I don’t think it would come because the manga is pretty much done not unless Kakifly (manga author) started to write a sequel story for the K-On!! fans.

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