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Hikaru no Go Season 2 Release Date

Hikaru no Go Season 2

Hikaru no Go Season 2 Release Date

My best friend belongs to a clan of board gamers. His clan is well known on our country and has achieved multiple awards locally and internationally. Although he doesn’t brag his talent that much, I can see how good he is when it comes to board games especially the game chess. His talent and understanding while playing his board games is very exceptional. How I wish that I could have some part of his talent so that I would somehow excel at well. Even my brother, his best friend, can’t defeat him on a board game.

If you guys remember, the manga Slam Dunk had a very big influence to its reader to play basketball, not only in Japan but also those read around the globe as well. With the same wide of influence, Hikaru no Go started the era of Go board gaming again in Japan. Go board game made me an old game to some but the strategy of the game is not something that we can say “old”. In fact, my best friend told me that the Go board game is not an ordinary board game.  He even recommended me to try the game since I started to watch the anime adaptation of the manga.

After watching the anime adaptation, I was so upset with the ending. I think it is not just me who was upset. I read the manga right after and had a blast. I want a second season for real. Well, it is really obvious that the chances are very slim since Takeshi Obata is occupied with the manga Bakuman.

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