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Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Release Date

Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Release Date

Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Release Date

So, I am a teacher but I am not that great like Onizuka. Maybe guy teachers are more suited on that sort of “title/degree”. But I am not saying that I only teach academic lessons. I am an approachable teacher and being an approachable one makes me feel that I am a great teacher on my own.

I watched this anime simply because my brother told me to watch it. He is so influential that I can’t reject a single anime that he suggests for me to watch.  My brother wouldn’t suggest an anime that he knew that I won’t love in the end and he never fails to do that.

This great teaching anime has 43 episodes that are enough to make and fulfill Onizuka’s dream to be the greatest teacher. He may be not the best teacher when it comes to academic lecturing but he is the best and the great teacher when it comes to his moral and life degree.

I am happy and contented enough even though there won’t be a season two for this great anime.

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