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Ghost in the Shell Season 3 Release Date

Ghost in the Shell Season 3 Release Date

Ghost in the Shell Season 3 Release Date

Experimenting living things just to explore new things is not fictional anymore. In fact, those sort of experimentation already happened even before the age of internet domination. The seek for more power has always been the main problem of mankind. Domination over domination is what happens every single day. Sooner, the plot of the story of Ghost in the Shell but not be fictional anymore. Oops, am I scaring you? Well, I hope I am not because that is still hundreds of more years for that to happen.

Before the anime series adaptation happened, there was a film first that made a great impact to its loyal manga fans. Seriously, the manga was one of those “titan” books that had a film first before an anime adaptation occurred. Hoping for the same intensity of the film, the anime series Stand Alone Complex had the same if not more intensity than the first film. The first season of the anime was the start of Ghost in the Shell anime era.

After three months, another season was released. That season 2 was so fast for every anime fan. The momentum of the anime stopped after its second season and just like what most have thought the third season would come quick, but it never happened. Only a 4 episode OVA series was made to satisfy its loyal and new Ghost in the Shell fans. Somewhere, somehow, I wish that there would be a third season of the anime adaptation.

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