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Dennou Coil Season 2 Release Date

Dennou Coil Season 2 Release Date

Dennou Coil Season 2 Release Date

Technology never stops from developing its own self. The fact that every day a new gadget or two is revealed gives a very healthy status how creative humans are. Our creativity isn’t just the factor why we tend to create more. We humans want to have an easier life style with our new creations. Bots, automation and everything that falls under that are the favorites of us all. In fact, automation of my teaching works is my favorite and will always be.

Since I love my life to have a very futuristic approach, I watched the anime of Dennou Coil to somehow give me an idea what the world would turn out if the development of new kinds of equipment in the future. I don’t know how it feels like when your work on an advanced research facility but it would be pretty much awesome to be part on it. Oh well, I think a teacher can’t reach that kind of wish though. Maybe a research facility visit will do, but not part of a team.

Well, Dennou Coil is an original anime series so my hopes won’t let me down if there won’t be a second season for real. I want it to have another one since it is pretty unique in my own eyes.

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