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Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date

Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date

Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date

It is really difficult to catch with a tale that is mixing up all the spies of the globe. I mean, having the major countries to be part of the plot is something that I didn’t expect on an original anime television series.  I think Tensai Okamura has made a good job writing the whole story and at the same time Bones for creating characters that has very unique physical appearances from each other and at the same time their powers’ animation.

DTB is not just an original anime for me. Seriously, the adventure was really great even though the first episodes of the first season weren’t that clear enough to explain the powers of the Contractors. It is pretty much hard to guess when you are really clueless, but as the anime continues to roll everything was explained well. It was a very neat explanation, as cold as ice I must say.

The manga adaptation only has 2 volumes which is pretty sad for me. I wanted to have some spare materials to read or watch since the OVA series is consist of 4 episodes only. How I wish that there would be a third season for DTB. If there would be one, I hope that they won’t change Hei as their main protagonist. His Chinese look is everything for me. LMAO!

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