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Cross Game Season 2 Release Date

Cross Game Season 2 Release Date

Cross Game Season 2 Release Date

When we talking about a sports manga, it is all about fulfilling a dream and not wasting efforts to the very end. A sports story weather it is a manga, a comic strip, a light novel or an anime will always be fit to all ranges of age. Cross Game made a tremendous impact not just to my age bracket but also to those that is already above the roof of the anime scenes. You know, when an adult would like to join their kids and watch anime with them - Cross Game would be a good example for a bonding anime.

Let’s say that you haven’t read the manga yet and you have jumped straight to the first episode of the anime adaptation. How did you feel? Did it shock you? The praise will forever be on Cross Game when it comes to the first episode stickness. It made a great impact to its non-reader viewers that made its anime adaptation so popular while the momentum flows after watching the first season to the manga.

It is kinda difficult to tell if there would be a season 2 for the anime adaptation. Considering that the first season ran for 50 episodes which are good for 4 standard anime seasons, somehow edges my thinking that the story is already on its end.

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