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Blade and Soul Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 Release Date of Blade and Soul

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Blade and Soul Season 2 Release Date

For this year's spring, I think Blade and Soul sits at the throne wearing the crown of the best action-packed anime. Maybe some would say that I am wrong yet it is just my opinion as an anime fan. Blade and Soul isn't originally a light novel nor a manga, it is the famous MMORPG Blade and Soul developed by Team Bloodlust of NCsoft. The anime is just another promotional parameter to target anime fans and gamers as well.

The story of the anime is way off shore to the lore of the original MMORPG of it. Well, the story doesn't really matter since the anime director mainly wants to portray how action-packed the MMORPG is. If given a chance for a second season, I'd like to see Alka back in action again.

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