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Berserk Season 2 Release Date

Berserk Season 2 Release Date

Berserk Season 2 Release Date

Every manga should have its own way of drawing style so that it would be recognize by random to sticky readers. Let’s say that if your manga is somehow sketchy, readers how likes more of an organized drawings or illustrations won’t prefer to read the manga itself on the first look even though the manga or the story content is quite big.

Berserk has its own DARK theme. Yeah, it is really dark that for some it is kinda messy but for me it is unique and cool. It is not only the color that made this anime deserved a good second season but also its plot of its main edge which is to cover the roots of all goodness and evil as a human.

The original manga is quite controversial because it always shows extreme violence. I don’t know why for some readers bash berserk with a very low rating score but Berserk is unique in my own eyes. It is hard or very rare to see an anime with a dark theme, revolving in the space of humanity.

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