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Beck Season 2 Release Date

Beck Season 2 Release Date

Beck Season 2 Release Date

I must say that my love to music levels the same as the love of mine to teaching and gaming. Even though I don’t play that much anymore, music has been my first love when I was a kid. Having a musician mother is a great pleasure at all. My mom taught me how to play piano, guitar and my favorite, the flute. Even though rock is not my genre when playing music, I still listen to pop-rock bands such as All Time Low and Boys Like Girls.

Obviously, it is the rock music that stands out on the anime adaptation of Beck. A manga that has a music genre doesn’t have that much impact if it won’t be adapted as an anime. There’s no music while reading a manga, got me? But you know, Beck had a great impact when it was serialized as an anime. Its loyal manga fans, including me, took the initiative to promote the anime after watching the first episode. It was way beyond that I expected; from the first episode up to the last one made it more than just a music story.

6 years have passed but there are still no announcements if the author would have a chance for a second season of the anime. Sad to say simple because there are 34 volumes of the manga and that is more than enough to fill a season 2 or maybe a third one for Beck’s animation.

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