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Barakamon Season 2 Release Date

Barakamon Season 2 Release Date

Barakamon Season 2 Release Date

I have a friend that used to have a heart that has been gone hard. She used to be emotionally stressed and sad. Every single day she will talk to me online and tell her sad stories to me. I was like a diary for her as I try to make her feel better my just listening to her stories. Every time she gives me a sad face, I give her a smile in return but those efforts are not enough. She was always sad even though I am trying my best to comfort her again. But one day, I told her to visit the sea for a while to give her heart a break and soften it for long. That advice of mine made her come back to her old self.

Just like in the story of Barakamon, Handa Seishu had to stay away and visit an isolated island where he could find peace again on his calligraphy works. The sea made him think again and gave him another shot for his writing talent. Though he was criticized so much on the first episode, it didn’t turn out so bad in the end.

This slice of life, comedy anime story was adapted from a manga produced by the famous gaming company Square Enix. Since the manga is still ongoing with 8 volumes at the moment, I think a season 2 will not a problem to those who love to follow the anime show.

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