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Bakuman Season 4 Release Date

Bakuman Season 4 Release Date

Bakuman Season 4 Release Date

Will you ever hold onto a promise just to fulfill a real life dream? A promise that will never be broken unless you failed your real life dream. Of course, there is no one who is willing to give up if we talk about real life dreams. Everyone would cross a bridge even if it is set on fire. Failing on our real life dream is like failing on our life indeed.

After the ending of their epic Death Note manga series, the thunder tandem of Tsugumi Obha and Takeshi Obata has made another trending and popular manga but on a different side of genre. From a thriller, mystery genre Death Note onto the slice of life, romance Bakuman.

At first, I thought that Bakuman wouldn’t be a big hit unlike Death Note but I was wrong. Bakuman managed to pull of tons of sales worldwide and has been consistently earning sales every single day. In fact, I have bought the Bakuman manga series.

The pace of the original manga is pretty much slow at the moment but that doesn’t mean at a season 4 wouldn’t be there on the bite. It is just that the manga needs tons of chapters more before it gets to serialized again and have a fourth season on its anime adaptation.

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