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Bacanno! Season 2 Release Date

Bacanno! Season 2 Release Date

Bacanno! Season 2 Release Date

My first question is… Why? Why is the season 2 of Bacanno! taking too long? I don’t know why but my hope will not diminish. It is as high as the Mount Everest and won’t shatter forever. LOL!

The battle for immortality started the story. It is like grabbing the Holy Grail, something that you can’t even touch while you exist. But you know, greedy people always break the game. Szilard Quates lifted the curse of the demon who gave them the immortality elixir, moreover the reason why the team has to split away themselves to lessen the fear of getting eliminated.

Seriously, it is really difficult to find a story with this kind of plot. In my own opinion, Ryohgo Narita is a born genius and thanks to him we have a Bacanno! to read and has been adapted into an anime. The mixture of comedy, crime and fantasy adventure is what the light novel really excels.

Even though 20 volumes of the light novel has been release, 21 in the making (correct me if I’m wrong),  13 episodes for 1 whole season is not enough to satisfy its loyal fans. Season 2 will always be welcome not just for me but also for those who loved the first season of Bacanno!

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