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Aria The Animation Season 4 Release Date

Aria The Animation Season 4 Release Date

Aria The Animation Season 4 Release Date

Before anything else, I’d like to say thanks to Kozue Amano for his wonderful masterpiece. I can’t believe that his manga which is originally supported would have 3 successful seasons of anime adaptation. All those 3 seasons had the same level of cut as a story leading towards the “slice of life” genre.

The setting is obviously futuristic but I can’t still say the exact feeling of this anime since I haven’t ride a gondola at Venice (in the present time) yet. I think who are living at Venice or those who have experienced riding a gondola while being toured by a pretty tour guide knows the exact feeling and excitement of the anime adaptation. You know, that is the part where the slice of life comes through to fans.

Sadly, the story is over and there is no chance for a season 4. But I am hoping for an OVA or a spin-off from the original author since Aria the Origination has a big circle of fans to cover the request.

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