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Anime – EF:A Tale Of Two Season 3 Release Date

Anime – EF:A Tale Of Two Season 3 Release Date

Anime – EF:A Tale Of Two Season 3 Release Date

My brother really loves to buy these visual novels once he has extra money from his professional gaming. I’ve asked him before why he kept on collecting the visual novels even though it is too easy for him to finish that kind of game. He said that a gamer should always try and collect all the kinds of games that have been created to bring fun and thrill. He also added that it is not just about the content of the visual novel of ef: The Fairy Tale of the Two, but the value and essence of the gaming story.

My brother finished the two installments of the visual novel first before he went to the manga written by Mikage (penname) and Yu Kagami. Simply because he loves the game so much, I went to check out the manga as well. I found out that there was two anime seasons for the anime adaptation of the series. I jumped out of joy and finished the anime right after I dug the golden treasure.

But too bad, too bad. Even though I want a season 3 for the anime adaptation, the two seasons are pretty much it. The manga is still up and ongoing but the updates are really slow so chances are very slim for this anime. I want it to have another chance but yeah, A Tale of Melodies had the ending that I never expected as a series ender.

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