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Angel Beats! Season 2 Release Date

Angel Beats! Season 2 Release Date

Angel Beats! Season 2 Release Date

What’s the point of afterlife if you don’t know the true meaning of afterlife? Also, what is the point of learning all the mysteries of afterlife if you can’t even turn back to life?  Those were the questions at the back of my mind back then when my brother firstly introduced me this anime. Those were the weird questions of mine before even giving Angel Beats! a try.

Even though Angel Beats! has tons of characters, I think Jun Maebe has done a good job introducing the characters and to fit them all together for whole the 13 episodes of season 1 of Angel Beats! If you do some research online, you’ll find out what were the concepts on how the characters where done with every single of persona on them. I forgot the exact domain name of the interview but I think there was copies and some links online that are floating around.

Speaking of floating, I think the first season of Angel Beats! was not finished as all the fans wouldn’t wish for. A season two has been rumored and buffering around for 3 years yet there is still no official announcement about the final schedule.

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