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August 2014

Sakamichi no Apollon Season 2  Release Date

Too much love will kill you. That is the famous song of the band Queen that tells about love is not all about giving your best shot always. Sometimes we have to forego and see things behind.

After reading too many reviews about Sakamichi no Apollon, I felt like they are right. There is too much romance in the story that somehow made the flow of the plot a little bit cheesy. I think I am part of those that is looking for romance, of course, but something new will do. A mix of massive drama with romance is what I prefer more.

Maybe I am just expecting something that it won’t happen on an anime with a musical genre. It’s all about the jazz, you know. I thought that I would have a hard time getting through with this time simply because jazz is not the talk of the town anymore when it comes to music but yeah, I am happy that Sakamichi no Apollon did a great share to me as a musician, a music lover and a romance sucker as well.

Sakamichi no Apollon had a very good ending on its first season. I just hope that there would be a trailing second season for this jazzy anime.

K-On!! Season 3 Release Date

Do you love music? I think everyone does listen to music but some prefer a significant genre that reflects to their personality. Music is used everywhere. Usually music does increase conversion of promotional sales. In anime, music is a very important factor especially to those who love to review anime as their daily basis. There are many ways that music is used. For me, as a music lover and a daughter of a musician, music is not just a play of a single tone or sound. Music serves as a memory of my mother to me. It is a part of me, a part of my memory that would never ever be erased.

Just like in the manga story of K-On!! Yui Hirasawa didn’t give up until she learned that she has a talent on playing a guitar. I too never taught that flute would be an easy instrument for me while harmonica is my frustration. The struggles of Yui somehow reminds me my graceful days while I am learning to play my flute with the help of my mom. That story of Yui made me stick and become an avid fan of K-On! story.

The manga story that ran for 5 years ended with only 6 volumes. Though it may look so short, two anime seasons has been adapted using those materials. I also want to believe that there would be a third season of the anime adaptation but I don’t think it would come because the manga is pretty much done not unless Kakifly (manga author) started to write a sequel story for the K-On!! fans.

Kimi to Boku Season 3 Release Date

Back in high school, I don’t pick people who I would like to be friends with. I always believe that friends always come and go. Whenever a friend leaves, there is a new one that would come in return. I think it happens to everyone, we all lost a friend already but there are new ones that would make us smile, sad or mixed emotions again. That is how my life goes, until now my friends (co-teachers) are leaving while new friends came to register on my life.

There are many manga stories out there that targets those who are in high school or maybe those who want to experience high school life again. The manga is a good piece to alleviate the good vibes of every reader of it. Also the anime has the same intensity just like what the manga is showing. The sounds is very good especially the opening and the ending songs of the second season of the anime adaptation.

What gives Kimi to Boku a very good status for a third season is that the original manga is still running at the moment. I think the author Kiichi Hotta still needs to work hard before a season 3 for an anime adaptation have a blast again.

Slayers Season 6 Release Date

Oh Lina! My lovely Lina! My every favorite Lina Inverse! You might be thinking that I’ve met Lina by reading the original light novel, manga adaptation or maybe on the very popular anime series of Slayers. If you are, then you are wrong. My brother was a professional gamer; he is part of our country’s Warcraft III team. My brother introduced me Lina on a custom map of Warcraft III called Defense of the Ancients also known as DotA. I never knew that my favorite hero on that custom made map was adapted from one of the biggest anime series every back in 90s.

I maybe 3 years old when the first original run of Slayers and 10 years old when the first English run happened but that didn’t affect my love for the light novel of Hajime Kanzaka. Also, I want to thanks Ice Frog for making Lina Inverse a hero at DotA platform. I think without Ice Frog who idolized Lina as well, I would never have watched all the anime adaptations.
Annie-Annie cosplay of Lina Inverse from deviantart

If you are a true fan of Slayers, I think you are also waiting for a sixth season. After researching so much and reading tons of rumors across the internet, I’ve found out that the season 6 would take so much time before an official announcement for a season 6, weather there won’t be a production anymore or a release would come.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 3 Release Date

Fact finding has always been my reflex whenever my curiosity strikes. When I am bored, I don’t do research. It is when I don’t get an answer from a specific question or some sort of unexplained turn of events. Once, my brother told me that someday it is my research and blogging hobby that would save his or my life. I don’t know what he was talking about. For me, that statement of my brother is still a mystery but I hope that one day I’ll be able to find out what he meant about that. I want to save my brother since he was the reason why I have everything and more than anything that I need.

I went to read the manga of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu before I watched the anime. It was entitled The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I thought that it was the original masterpiece but I found out that it was from a light novel series of Nagaru Tanigawa. I never had the chance to read the light novel not after I watched the anime adaptation 3 months after I read the manga. I already knew that the anime would have the best of the best reviews out there since the plot of the story is very unique and above average of all the science fantasy stories out there.

After the two seasons, yeah after 28 episodes, there is no news or announcement if there would be a third season or not. I hope that there would be a season 3 since the light novel is still running.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Release Date

I don’t think that I could stand on a ground where ghouls or some sort of yokais are lurking around. I know that it is impossible that supernatural creatures exist in our world but if there are rumors about a place I will surely back off and go back home. I don’t want to risk my heart trembling and scared like a wet puppy because of scare stories even though the stories are just rumors. Maybe if I go with my brother or my best friend then I might change my mind but if I go with my friends I won’t do it.

The scare of mine went through the anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul. Although I already shared that I can easily get scared to some scary stories or something like that. I still read books, light novels and manga that are in dark or horror genre. The original manga of Tokyo Ghoul is not that scary at all. It is the anime adaptation that went 10 steps ahead from my expectations.

With 13 volumes of the original manga that is under the Weekly Young Jump magazine, I think Tokyo Ghoul’s second season for the anime is not a problem. Time will fly so fast and I think soon there would be a release proper about the season 2 of it.

Eden of the East Season 2 Release Date

Above all the kinds of attacks, I think missile attack is the scariest. I already witnessed heart attack, love attack, even Attack of the Titans. They are not scary at all. LOL! We all know what tremendous damage an area could receive if ever that it would be the main target of a missile launch. Some missiles contain biochemical weapon that not just damages human cells but also damages the earth’s soil that causes the eradication of its minerals. Well, I am not trying to scare you, but as a teacher I am always aware of the best information that I can have as a normal citizen.

Mostly all of the stories that I’ve read that falls under psychological and mystery genre have the same intensity and pressure on every scene/clips being portrayed by the authors, illustrators or directors. My first impression for Higashi no Eden is that the story would turn out like in the Mirai Nikki where everyone would be eliminated and the romance factor won’t be tagging alone at the very end. I was wrong with my first impression; it was the romance twist that made the story as a whole.

No wonder why this original anime television series had so many anime films. But why? Why does it only have a single season as an anime? It makes me sad that an original anime won’t be trailed for a second season. I hope that one day a release or announcement would be there from official sites and stuffs around.

Sword Art Online: SAO Season 3 Release Date

Will there be a Swort Art Online Season 3?

MMO Gaming and reality at some points have the same aspects. You can feel the thrill, happiness, sadness, anger or what every drives your emotion. You can get scammed or may have bought an overpriced item without knowing the real price. You can build relationship with others, fall in love or may as well have a tremendous heart break. As a gamer, playing MMORPG games is like my second lifeline. When I’m sad, I log in to my current game just to chat with my online guild mates or friends.

The second season of Sword Art Online pretty much explained that there are various types of online games out there. There are MMORPG, MMOFPS and many more. Also, it is nice to see the main protagonists Kirito and Asuna dating together on the first episode of the season 2. Somehow it brings me back to my gaming days when I used to online date with my special someone. Those were the days that I felt like gaming is a reality as well.

Of course, it is not just me who is waiting for the next installment of SAO. A third season will not be a problem when it comes to funds but I wonder if there would be enough space from the light novel to cover everything for a season 3. The original light novel has a lot of manga adaptation as well but I don’t know if those materials would be used for a third season.

The money is not a problem, fanbase is very big. What can we say? All we need is to wait. LOL! Light novel is ongoing. Giddy up! Make it fast!

Hikaru no Go Season 2 Release Date

My best friend belongs to a clan of board gamers. His clan is well known on our country and has achieved multiple awards locally and internationally. Although he doesn’t brag his talent that much, I can see how good he is when it comes to board games especially the game chess. His talent and understanding while playing his board games is very exceptional. How I wish that I could have some part of his talent so that I would somehow excel at well. Even my brother, his best friend, can’t defeat him on a board game.

If you guys remember, the manga Slam Dunk had a very big influence to its reader to play basketball, not only in Japan but also those read around the globe as well. With the same wide of influence, Hikaru no Go started the era of Go board gaming again in Japan. Go board game made me an old game to some but the strategy of the game is not something that we can say “old”. In fact, my best friend told me that the Go board game is not an ordinary board game.  He even recommended me to try the game since I started to watch the anime adaptation of the manga.

After watching the anime adaptation, I was so upset with the ending. I think it is not just me who was upset. I read the manga right after and had a blast. I want a second season for real. Well, it is really obvious that the chances are very slim since Takeshi Obata is occupied with the manga Bakuman.

School Rumble Sukuru Ranburu Season 3 4th Semester Season 3 Release Date

Most of the time confessing love is the hardest thing to do in this earth. We fear that we get rejected and at the same time being spaced out by the one we treat so special. Courage is not just a factor when it comes to proposing love. It needs wisdom and enough strong might to have a successful confession. Some say that is so easy like krizzy but I don’t think it that way since I had so much hard time telling it to my crush back then when I was in high school. And when a non-confession of love happens, SCHOOL RUMBLE OCCURS.

From its original manga, I tracked down this romantic comedy from the start until the very end. I had so much fun reading it and had more fun while watching the anime adaptation of it. My fun from reading and watching School Rumble turned into an obsession of mine. It is funny to say yet true. I’ve collected the whole series of the original manga as well as the 3 semester of the anime adaptation.

While some are still waiting and waiting for another installment of the anime. That won’t come anymore. The ending of the manga has animated the last two episodes of School Rumble: Third Semester. It is sad to say but it is true, although I am wanting for another season or maybe a spin-off.

Kodomo no Omocha Season 2 Release Date

Do you still remember your good old elementary days? I can’t remember things anymore but there are some left in my memory that I think would last my entire life. Those were the days when I felt like I am the star of the show. Being a star is what a young mind wants and would always enjoy. The laughter, the silence, the tears that I’ve shared with my old friends, almost of all the memories were gone but the feelings is still left and kept inside my heart.

The story of Kodomo no Omocha also known as Kodocha took me on a time machine ride back to the days when I wasn’t thinking right well. I mean when I was a kid. I thought that this anime brackets for the young age but after watching the first season it made me think again. Kodomo no Omocha isn’t just an anime with 102 episodes but it is an anime that deserves more than any romantic comedy anime out there.

I love this anime so much and after watching the last episode of the season. I knew that it would take so long before this anime to have another spotlight again. I may sound selfish because all the animating companies are working hard with their projects and proposals but Kodomo no Omocha needs a second season real soon!

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Season 2 Release Date

Are you that kind of person that will still have the right posture of mind when a calamity happens? Well, I’ll be honest. I am not that kind of person. I panic like hell and would make things even worse. But I am the complete opposite of my brother and our best friend. Those two always know who to calm their self down and focus even in the middle of chaos. Maybe it is because they are always alert on their surroundings that is why they are always ready if something like that happens.

Well, we really don’t know when a calamity will happen. Even our country has predicted that in my lifetime there would be a sudden earthquake that will kill tons of my countrymen. That prediction is not just a prediction for me. For me, it is a warning that everyone should be aware of.

I was the first one who watched this anime before my brother. Mirai and Yuuki is a good example for the both of us. We are a combination of pessimistic and optimistic siblings. Even though the anime is just a one-shot drama tragedy story, it made me so aware that there are infinite possibilities in front of us. We just have to be always ready and accept fate for real.

I don’t know if there would be a season 2. I want it to have a second season. For me, this anime is for everyone, to give knowledge to those who doesn’t care of safety at all.

Tiger & Bunny Season 2 Release Date

I wonder if Superman, Batman, Wonderman or the whole shebang of Justice League would ask for some sponsors to get their brand promoted by busting crimes and evil stuffs in this world. Would they spend the money that they earn for their personal needs? Or would they donate it for the sake of humanity?

Since Tiger & Bunny is an original anime television series, then I wasn’t able to research that much about the plot and settings of the story. I don’t have any other choice but to watch it or else I’ll get spoiled by my brother since he introduced me this anime. I thought that it wouldn’t be a wonderful ride but I was wrong. Tiger & Bunny isn’t just your crime busting superhero anime that we always get to see. This anime had the best of the best comments I’ve ever read as an anime blogger.

Just like all of the original anime series out there, Tiger & Bunny had anime films that made the fans so happy. The production and animation were everything for me as a fan. Maybe it is because Sunrise was the reason behind my happiness of the films.

I don’t know if the manga adaptation is on hiatus or what but there are still no announcements for a second season though. This anime needs to have a season 2 for real, not an ordinary anime that you could find by strolling around Google.

Will there be Akame ga Kill Season 2? Akame ga Kill! Season 2 Release Date

Our world is not perfect and it will never be. There are people who are possessed of greed while some are corrupted by their own will of revenge. Some disguises as the good guys but coated with their evil plans to conquer this world. We will never really know who the good and bad are until we’ve learned the true nature of their personalities. As a gamer, living/playing in a virtual world is not different in living in reality. There will always scammers and cheaters around to ruin the game or the virtual world itself.

The manga author of Akame ga Kill! made a very good job to depict what the world is right now. Takahiro, his pen name, is such a genius in my own eyes. Although the manga is really bloody on its anime adaptation, it only featured how the color red turns every table of corruption in this world. Some may say that that is the best way, some may use their pen to save the world.

Akame ga Kill! manga has 9 volumes that are already published. Some say it is 10 but I am pretty sure that it is 9 at the moment. Now that it has 24 episodes that are good for 1 season. I want it to have another round of applause for a second season.

Dennou Coil Season 2 Release Date

Technology never stops from developing its own self. The fact that every day a new gadget or two is revealed gives a very healthy status how creative humans are. Our creativity isn’t just the factor why we tend to create more. We humans want to have an easier life style with our new creations. Bots, automation and everything that falls under that are the favorites of us all. In fact, automation of my teaching works is my favorite and will always be.

Since I love my life to have a very futuristic approach, I watched the anime of Dennou Coil to somehow give me an idea what the world would turn out if the development of new kinds of equipment in the future. I don’t know how it feels like when your work on an advanced research facility but it would be pretty much awesome to be part on it. Oh well, I think a teacher can’t reach that kind of wish though. Maybe a research facility visit will do, but not part of a team.

Well, Dennou Coil is an original anime series so my hopes won’t let me down if there won’t be a second season for real. I want it to have another one since it is pretty unique in my own eyes.

Hyouka Season 2 Release Date

Do you still remember all your adventures as a club member back in high school? Do you know the real history of your club name? The ex-club members? The profiles and the records of the club? Do you still remember it all?

I was once in a club of book readers. All kinds of prints are allowed including manga, comic strips and light novels. We shared our collections to each other as well as sharing our thoughts on the book genre that we read. Although the manga and manwa readers are so few compared to those novel lovers, the essence and the love to each other members were not that affected. I only stayed for around 6 months on that book readers club but I can say that I totally had so much fun and experience with my club members. Having a club at school is a good way to socialize with people that has the same hobby as yours.

Oh well, my club experience didn’t have some sort of mystery adventures. I wish there were adventures and case investigating errands just like in the story of Hyouka. I want the anime adaptation of Hyouka to have more seasons since the plot is really interesting for those who want to throw back their high school adventures. A second season is what I seek. Oh please, make another one.

Blast of Tempest Season 2 Release Date

What would you do if ever that you’ll be isolated on an island? Will you do the old way of random communication like putting a written message on a piece of paper then sealing it on a bottle with a cork and letting it float in the body of water hoping that someone would get it?

I was there before. I mean, I was isolated but not on an island. I was locked inside a soundproof music room and my brother wasn’t aware of that. He didn’t know that I was locked inside and I don’t have any communications to the outside world as well. Even rocking and slamming the drum set didn’t work by that time. I was lucky that one of my friends went back to the music room and found out that it was locked outside. Sometimes, things like this happen just like what happened to Hakaze Kusaribe.

The anime adaptation of Zetsuen no Tempest is pretty much difficult to depict if you haven’t read the original manga of the story. Most of the important details tackled in the anime were not that elaborated that much. Even though it went like that, I am pretty happy to have the manga an anime adaptation for 1 season.

Also, I want it to have a second season but the remaining chapters inside the 9 volumes are not enough to be considered as materials for a season 2.

D.Gray-man Season 3 Release Date

10 years ago, I started reading the original manga of D.Gray-man. Internet was not that accessible to everyone and I am lucky to be able to surf the internet while having some relaxation reading online scanlated mangas. This manga was one of the first manga series that I’ve ever read. I was still new back then when it comes to reading free online services but some sites but I had so much fun reading and imagining how cool Allen Walker is for real.

And then after 2 years, an anime adaptation was created. Those days when the anime adaptation was officially announced and released were the happiest days of my life as a D.Gray-man fan. The happy feeling of mine didn’t stop after the released, every single episode of D.Gray-man  gave me the joy that a real fan cannot explain with just words. I can say that that happy feeling is something that only a real fan could feel. It is like loving a sport or someone that you would like to dedicate your whole life with. That’s the feeling. Oops, did I just explain it using words? =)

Now, 6 years have passed but I am still a fan of D.Gray-man. Although I really want it to have more seasons, I think 103 episodes for two seasons are enough for the fans. I know that it is not just me that is praying so hard for a third installment but that’s pretty much it. Or maybe wait for the next 2-3 years for more manga materials.


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